What Our Clients Are Saying


Belinda Cullinan 

"I recently invited Sourcery Design to help me with the long overdue renovation of our home...I had heard so many horror stories yet with Sourcery's help our renovation has been virtually stress free and we are absolutely thrilled with the results... I needed a lot of work done to our property, but from the outset they've been careful to prioritise our wish list always mindful of our modest budget....Their tradesmen have achieved so much more than we anticipated for the amount we’ve spent...They have also saved us money with their great network of contacts and suppliers in the industry...Everybody loves the colour in the kitchen and we’re delighted with the results!

Debbie & John Underwood

"Deanne undoubtedly helped us to achieve a far higher price than we had expected for the sale of our property in North Curl Curl... the colour scheme was wonderful, light and airy and the beginning of her transformation... Deanne even came shopping with me to help with the styling… she has an amazing vision and flair and was able to showcase these items with confidence and ease… We were amazed how capably she was able to transform our home whilst remaining in our limited budget… She made us feel at ease… extremely talented and passionate about her work."

Carolyn & Malcolm Charlton 

"I was feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of renovating with so many areas requiring attention we didn’t know where or how to start...Our initial budget was insufficient to cover our entire wish list so Kim helped us to establish a logical sequence for the work to proceed in stages according to our priorities...Kim  was able to transform the mood of the house, creating a relaxed and contemporary colour palette...Her  very practical design solution to switch the layout downstairs required only minor structural and service changes, keeping our costs down, but has resulted in a light filled, airy living zone that has transformed the way we live inside and out...The results were astonishing, we are extremely happy with the outcome."

Kelly Maynard

"I engaged Deanne to renovate on a tight budget my two bedroom apartment at Collaroy, including new bathroom and laundry…  Deanne was able to pick colours and surfaces that I would never have considered, which worked exceptionally well in the space… I’m so grateful to have had the benefit of Deanne’s insights as she was not only concerned about what looked visually appealing but how the space felt and the mood it created...I loved the way she used my own belongings to ensure the rooms had a personal feel, she has helped me see the potential in some of my items… she really understood how I used the rooms and made sure that furniture in each room made the best practical use of the space.”

Sandra & Shane Riddle

"Initially I had reservations about asking for help, as this was not my first renovation and I did already have a good idea of what I hoped to achieve...I wondered if I could really benefit...together we created a stylish modern home ready to be offered to the market...We needed a contemporary colour scheme inside and out in order to attract buyers...Kim’s advice was fantastic and her attention to detail in fine-tuning the exterior colour scheme allowed us to arrive at exactly the right look...She introduced colours and finishes that I would not have previously thought to use...The garden was always going to be a challenge due to our coastal location but Kim’s advice to invigorate the garden and pool area was invaluable...She specified and sourced suitable plants and advised on landscape design to achieve our objectives of screening overlooking neighbours and creating a lush tropical feel around the pool...The transformation has been spectacular and we are incredibly pleased with the result!"